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Pushkar - India's Holy City

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

It was a 4:30am wake up call to take a trek up to a temple to see the sunrise. Not only was I very tired and hungry but the walk up was very challenging. It was ‘only’ 700 steps but the steps varied in size all the way up and they were very steep when we got closer to the top. It was meant to be a 30 minute walk but we raced up there in about 20 minutes which meant we had about 40 minutes to wait for the sunrise. Whilst we waited we started to see loads of monkeys sit below us and they gathered together quickly, messing around and playing with each other. The sunrise was more than worth the 5am trek and I even got asked for a selfie on my way down too! When I got back to the hotel I chilled for a bit, took advantage of the good wifi and then had breakfast. I was really excited to try the Nutella pancake but it wasn’t very nice as it tasted really burnt, hey ho!

We had a free day so myself, Vic and Soph decided to explore the local area and have some food. We found a really cool cafe and literally sat there for hours on the free wifi, oops! Priorities hey?! Myself and Soph ordered bruschetta and then I ordered chips. Victoria ordered falafel, pitta and houmous which she absolutely loved! We then tried to take a tuktuk back to the hotel but it was too busy so we decided to walk and it was unbelievably hot. When we got back we all chilled by the pool and I had a nap.

At 4 o’clock myself, Kezia and Alessandra took a car to the start point of our camel ride in the desert. It was the most incredible yet painful thing I’ve ever done! One to tick off the bucket list for sure. My camel was called Jonny and the ride lasted for just over an hour. Then we reached the place where we were going to have dinner and Soph and Ben joined us. The setting was simply stunning, what an evening it was! It started with a magic show which completely stunned us, we just couldn’t work out how he did it! Then there were dance and music performances which were traditional Rajasthani. They even made us join in with the dancing too which was fun but slightly embarrassing!

The evening was made even more special by them giving us traditional clothing to wear, this made me feel even more part of the experience. After that there was a man who quite literally played with fire! He breathed it in and ran it along his arms. Then it was time for food, very spicy food! I don’t know what I expected, I should have been used to it by then! We were given rice, a chapati, a poppadom, a really chilli sauce, a lentil dish and some potatoes. For dessert they gave us these sweet, sticky caramel things which were heaven! So much so we asked if we could have some more of them! Then we left in a car back to the hotel. My favourite evening so far!

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