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OneGlobe360 Travelling



OneGlobe360 was founded by Ellie Wookey in June 2020. It is a travel brand with the aim of inspiring people to travel and take themselves outside of their comfort zone. I have a YouTube channel, Podcast, Blog, Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok) as well as a Facebook Community Group page and products including e-books and clothing.


On the OneGlobe360 travel blog I write about my travel experiences, top travelling tips and tricks as well as itineraries and e-book guides. My podcast 'Seek The Globe' focuses on conversations about travel, seeking discomfort and mental health. My YouTube channel focuses on travel and challenge content. Some examples of my videos include 'The Ultimate Travel Guide To Madrid', 'The Day In The Life of A Student In Barcelona' and 'I Ran 5km Every Day For A Month'. I have also hosted three charity fundraising events called Live for Mind which have raised over £1000 for the mental health charity Mind.

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