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Student Travel Tips & OneGlobe360 have teamed up to create an all-in-one Essentials to a Year Abroad Guide ✈️


Spending a year abroad studying or working is one of the most exciting parts of doing a language degree at university and we want to help you have a successful and enjoyable year!


So, we’ve written an e-book to help you achieve this 💪🏻


Included in this e-book are tips & advice on:

🧭 Where to go on your Year Abroad

📚 Work or Study?

🏡How to find your accommodation

🫂Settling in & making friends

🗣️How to improve your language skills

🚦The visa application process

💰How to handle money

🧘‍♂️Mental health and well-being

The Ultimate Guide to a Year Abroad

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