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Why You Need To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

‘You only grow outside of your comfort zone, not inside of it’. This is a quote I try to live my life by – especially through travelling. I’ve spoken to so many people about this and how travelling has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone. Travelling has also helped me say YES to things that I may previously have said no to.

As a result of trying to push myself to do more, see more and experience more, I have grown so much as a person and I can’t credit travelling enough. It has helped me become more confident, mature and independent and above all it has given me an education that no classroom can give me. Travelling is the most important education you can receive – it allows you to live and experience different cultures, ways of life, religion, food – you name it, travelling allows you to experience it.

Travelling allows you to break out of your bubble – where you live, where you work etc. Every person who I have met along the way whilst travelling has told me how enriching travelling is and how it has opened their eyes to so much more than what they are used to.

For me, going on the G Adventures group tours really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. I arrived to each country to start the tour and instantly met a group of people I’d never met before. Would they like me? Would we all get on well? There was no need for me to even think about these questions as instantly I felt comfortable and we all got on so well. I’d done it without even thinking about it – I’d pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.

I have taken lots of inspiration from YES Theory. At the start of lockdown, I really lacked motivation and inspiration until I started to watch YES Theory’s YouTube videos. Their videos are full of positivity and the message I’ve been talking about – saying YES and taking yourself outside of your comfort zone. After five years of their channel, they’ve amassed 5.7 million subscribers and have created a global community of people looking to follow their message and enrich their lives.

I can’t wait to travel more and continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone. My aim is to inspire others to do so too. If you feel like you’re lacking motivation or inspiration, I’d highly recommend watching YES Theory, it really changed my mind-set and I instantly felt more positive.

What do the words comfort zone mean to you?

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