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What to do in Pula, Croatia

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I’d never been to Croatia before, let alone Pula, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The only prior knowledge I had came from some YouTube videos and so I was excited to see what Pula had to offer. Safe to say I wasn’t disappointed, there was plenty to see and do, both during the day and at night.


Where to visit:

Felsen Strand – this beach was our ‘go to’ as it had perfect places to sunbathe, swim, cliff jump and kayak. Although busier on the weekend, there were always spaces to sunbathe and enjoy the view. I spent most of my time on the rocks, reading and listening to music, but some of my friends took advantage of the nearby cliffs to go cliff jumping and explored the caves. There were also places to hire kayaks and pedalo boats along with huge inflatable slides in the sea. Food and drink was also readily available from a restaurant that became our favourite. Located right by the bus stop, it serves very well priced food, our particular favourites being the ice cream for seven kuna (80p) and a portion of chips for fourteen kuna (£1.70). The waiters were very friendly and remembered us each time we visited! Overall it was a beautiful beach with lots to do and I would highly recommend a visit.

Verudela – we arrived at this beach by ‘accident’, by this I mean we got on the wrong bus! However, it was a worthwhile ‘accident’ as we loved our time there. Similar to Felsen Strand, Verudela beach had plenty of spots to chill and sunbathe. The only thing to watch out for is the sea urchins on the rocks as you enter the sea!

Getting to the beaches was also really easy. We took the bus from the main bus station everyday and it only cost 11 kuna (£1.30). The journey took approximately 25 minutes.

Amphitheatre – located in the centre of Pula, it is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and is one of the most popular attractions in Pula. Our only experience of the amphitheatre was on the day of the World Cup Final. It was packed full of Croatian fans which more than filled the 5000 people capacity. The atmosphere was incredible and was made even more special with the surroundings of the amphitheatre.



Whilst there are not loads of nightclubs in Pula, there are some good ones! During our time we went to two clubs and one bar. The atmosphere at every place was really good and the drinks were very cheap.

Uljanik – this was the first club that we went to and it certainly did not disappoint! It was very different to clubs in England, but I loved it. It had an outside space where there was a foam party and inside there were different stages to get up and dance on. The music was also really good as there were lots of remixes. The drinks were also very cheap, with cocktails 40 kuna (£5) and beers 18 kuna (£2.25).

Pietas Julia – this club was most similar to clubs in England and we went there several times. Located right by the harbour front, Pietas Julia was full most nights and like Uljanik, the music was really good. I particularly liked that the club sold pizza and for only 15 kuna (£1.80)! I’d love for the clubs in England to take notice and start selling pizza too!

Old City Bar – this bar is located close to the centre of Pula and once again the atmosphere was great! The drinks were very reasonably priced and I had a fun time there.

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