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Top 5 Waterfalls To Visit in Bali

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

1. GitGit Waterfall

GitGit waterfall is located in the north of Bali and is one of the most popular waterfalls to visit in Bali. Although it took us a while to reach it due to us being located in southern Bali, the car journey was very scenic and it was more than worth the travel time! Once parked up our guide led us to the waterfall which took about 25-30 minutes. We were very lucky that it was fairly quiet when we arrived so we were able to fully enjoy the experience as it was as if we were having a private tour! On the way to the waterfall there were many local people selling clothing and art which I really liked. Despite it not being as big as many other waterfalls in Bali, it was still incredibly beautiful and well worth a visit.

2. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung, which is located in a cave, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen in my life. It is located just outside of Ubud which makes it very easy to get to. It took about 15-20 minutes to reach the waterfall from the car park and the terrain was tricky at times so I would definitely advise some water shoes as I had to take my shoes off which left me bare foot (which is very painful when walking on rocks!). It also makes for a fantastic photo opportunity – for all those Instagram lovers out there! There are also some cafes on the way down which provided some much needed refreshments on what was a very hot day. However, due to the popularity of the waterfall, largely due to social media, it was very busy. I expected this to be the case so it did not surprise me but I would recommend going in the early morning in order for the waterfall to be less crowded. The entrance fee is IDR 15,000 which is approximately £0.80.

3. Banyumala Twin waterfalls

The Banyumala twin waterfalls are located in northern Bali in the Munduk area. It took us about two hours to reach them from Kuta. For me personally the Banyumala twin waterfalls were my favourite due to not only the waterfalls themselves, but also the surroundings too. Arriving at the waterfalls really was one of those jaw dropping experiences. Out of all the waterfalls I visited, these waterfalls were the furthest away from the drop off point. It took us about 40 minutes to reach the waterfalls which really isn’t too bad especially given the view at the end of the walk! The climb back to the drop off point is a little trickier as it is very steep but as long as you are careful you shouldn’t have any problems. There are also changing rooms and toilet facilities available if you decide to go for a swim which I would highly recommend – especially after a long hike to get there!

4. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Kanto Lampo waterfall is located about an hour from where I was staying in Kuta. Although I didn’t visit the waterfall when I was in Bali, I’ve only ever heard good things! I’ve had some friends visit the waterfall and they’ve loved it. This waterfall is definitely one of Bali’s hidden gems with its stepped formation and easy accessibility. The location of Kanto Lampo is also relatively unknown which makes this waterfall very unique. The entrance fee is IDR 10,000 (approximately £0.50) and the best time to visit the waterfall is during the dry season (April-September).

5. Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana waterfall is another of Bali’s hidden gems but it is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists. To avoid the large crowds, it is recommended to get there in the early morning in order to get the most out of your visit. It is a 40-minute drive from Ubud and the entrance fee is IDR 20,000 (approximately £1.10). The surrounding areas are also stunning whilst makes the quick 10-minute walk to the waterfall even more enjoyable. This waterfall is particularly unique as it falls straight into the ground and no stones or rocks break the flow, as is typical in Bali. If you want to visit a quieter waterfall with a short walk involved, then this one is for you!

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