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Top 5 Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

1. Visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud

I’ll have to admit; I didn’t actually visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud when I visited Bali. This wasn’t because it isn’t amazing, but instead due to my fear of monkeys! I get easily scared when they climb or jump on you and after seeing numerous videos of the experience I decided against it. However, after reading many views and speaking to friends who have visited it, this is definitely something not to be missed when visiting Bali. Their website states that there are approximately 700 monkeys, 186 species of trees in 2.5 hectares of forest. Due to the vast size of the Monkey Forest, you can walk around for hours, taking in the beauty of the forest whilst encountering the monkeys (who may potentially attempt to steal some of your possessions – so be careful!). The Monkey Forest is open daily from 8:30-18:00 with adult tickets costing IDR 80,000 (approximately £4.45) and child tickets costing IDR 60,000 (approximately £3.30).

2. Visit Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is located in eastern Bali and it is a former royal palace. Nowadays the water palace is a popular tourist destination. Tourists are popular due to the beautiful gardens, water ponds and sculptures. The water in the garden is clean and fresh due to the pool water coming from a spring instead of treated water. Also, the springs at Tirta Gangga are regarded as holy water by the local people and holy water is used in Balinese Hindu religious ceremonies. If you are planning to spend the night at Tirta Gangga there is accommodation available, with the Tirta Gangga hotel being the most popular. Although it took us a long time to drive there, it was more than worth it! From our hotel in central Kuta it took about two and a half hours to reach it, not too bad when the car journey was as beautiful and breath-taking as it was!

3. Visit the Lempuyang Temple (Gates of Heaven as it’s known on Instagram!)

The Lempuyang Temple is located in eastern Bali and is an Instagram lover’s dream! This temple is the location of one of the most popular Instagram photos of Bali. The Gate of Heaven is located at the temple and when we arrived we were told the queue to take a photo with the Gate of Heaven was four hours long! Apparently people come to the temple in the early hours of the morning in order to get their dream shot for Instagram. An incredible bonus too is the view from the temple of Mount Agung (don’t worry there is also a view point and a photographer on hand to take photos of you with the backdrop of Mount Agung too!). The temple itself is beautiful and I’m glad we didn’t queue for a photo as it meant we were able to take in the surroundings and fully appreciate it all.

4. Visit the Ubud Rice Terraces (Tegalalang)

You cannot truly appreciate Indonesian rice terraces until you see them with your own eyes, a picture simply does not do them justice! The Tegalalang rice terraces are located in Tegalalang Village in northern Ubud. The vast scale of the rice terraces is jaw dropping and they seem to continue for miles. I would suggest spending at least one hour to explore and walk around so that you can fully appreciate the experience. Again for those Instagram lovers it is a perfect photo opportunity. There is also the option to go on the swing which, although we did not do, looked really cool! The swing is quite expensive though, at approximately £20 per person.

5. Visit Tanah Lot Temple

The best time to visit the Tanah Lot Temple is during sunrise or sunset. It is one of Bali’s most significant landmarks and it is most known for its offshore location and beautiful backdrops. As the Temple is located offshore and is only accessible by climbing on rocks, it can be difficult to access, especially due to the almost constant waves! It’s opening hours are 07:00-20:00 and I would recommend spending at least two hours walking around and visiting the local art shops too. The Tanah Lot Cave is also home to The Holy Snake. We were told that the sea snake guards this religious site and that these snakes are known to protect the area and its people from evil. I was told that touching the snake would bring me good luck so I put my fear of snakes to the back of my head and touched the snake for about a second before I quickly hurried off!

If Bali is your dream destination, then keep an eye on my blog over the coming weeks as I will be writing some detailed top tips and review blog pieces very soon!

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