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The Best Neighbourhood's In New York

After visiting New York three times and having stayed in different neighbourhoods in the city, these are, in my opinion, some of the best neighbourhoods to visit and stay in for your next trip to the Big Apple...

  • Upper East Side - this area of New York is one of the most wealthy with many fancy restaurants and designer shops. One of NYC's most popular museums, The Met, is located in the Upper East Side.

  • Midtown Manhattan - this area is arguably the most well-known in NYC and is home to Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building and the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Long Island City - this is a redeveloped industrial area along the East River in Queens and is known for its many high-rises with incredible views of Manhattan.

  • Lower East Side - this historic neighbourhood is in the southeastern part of NYC and is the place to be for some of NYC's best nightlife!

  • Soho - this neighbourhood is in lower Manhattan and is known as one of New York's trendiest areas. If you're into fashion - this is the place for you!

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