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My Top 5 Sunrise/Sunset View Points In The World

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

1. Goa, India – sunset

Without a doubt, the best sunset I have ever witnessed was on the beach in Goa, on the west coast of India. After spending the day volunteering, my friend and I would spend the late afternoon and evening on the beach. We took full advantage of the cheap food and drink and would sit all afternoon waiting for the sunset. The sunsets were almost indescribable, the mix of colours made it breath-taking. One sunset in particular that I’ll always remember made the sky turn a shade of pink and purple that I’ve never seen before. The sunset would be one of my highlights of the day and the pictures I have of all the sunsets from my time in India help me to reminisce about my time there.

2. Pushkar, India – sunrise hike to the Savitri Temple

It was a 4:30am wake up call to take a trek up to a temple to see the sunrise. Not only was I very tired and hungry but the walk up was very challenging. It was ‘only’ 700 steps but the steps varied in size all the way up and they were very steep when we got closer to the top. It was meant to be a 30-minute walk but we raced up there in about 20 minutes which meant we had about 40 minutes to wait for the sunrise. Whilst we waited we started to see loads of monkeys sit below us and they gathered together quickly, messing around and playing with each other. The sunrise was more than worth the 5am trek and it was so peaceful as there weren’t many people at the top of the temple.

3. Ranch in Uruguay – sunrise

As part of my tour in South America, we spent a few nights staying at a ranch in Uruguay. It had always been on my bucket list so to get the opportunity to stay on a local ranch was amazing! We were told the sunrise over the surroundings from the ranch were breath-taking and was worth the early wake up call, it was more than worth it! I’ll always remember the sun rising over the countryside in the distance as we all stood on top of one of the buildings on the ranch to get the best view. It was a true South American sunrise!

4. Bali – sunset on Kuta Beach and Nyang Nyang beach

Bali is most well-known for its sunrises and sunsets – thanks to Instagram! After seeing hundreds of incredible sunset pictures on Instagram before I went to Bali, I was pleased to see that they are as good as the photos, if not even better! My particular favourite was the sunset on Nyang Nyang beach when we stayed at the Bubble Hotel Bali in Uluwatu. We had the beach to ourselves and it was so relaxing and peaceful watching the sun go down.

5. New Zealand – sunset in Raglan

Raglan is most well-known as a surfing town but having amazing sunsets should be added to the list! After a short walk up from the accommodation we were staying in, we reached the perfect view point to see the sunset over the sea. It was a gorgeous mix of yellow and orange and the waves crashing into the shore made the sunset even better! Out of all the sunsets I saw in New Zealand, this one was definitely the best.

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