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My Review of the Bubble Hotel Bali

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

During our time in Bali last August, my boyfriend and I booked a night at the Bubble Hotel Bali in Uluwatu. I’d seen endless pictures of the bubble hotel on Instagram and could not go to Bali without visiting! After an hour long taxi drive from our hotel in Kuta we were greeted by one of the members of staff who checked us in before we set off on what was quite a trek to get to the bubble. It was a long way down to the beach and was very steep. On the way down we began to dread the trek back up from the beach but we knew it would be more than worth it. After about forty minutes of walking we finally reached our bubble – wow I was in heaven! It was incredible, the bubble looked out onto the sea and we had the beach to ourselves.

We spent all evening just relaxing and taking it all in. Our bubble included plenty of outdoor furniture including a swing, a hammock and two sun loungers. I was tempted to go for a swim but quickly decided against it when I realised how cold the sea was! There was also an outdoor shower and toilet which worked perfectly. However, the shower and toilet were somewhat exposed to the viewpoint at the top. Therefore, we made sure we only used those facilities when no one was at the view point!

It is a perfect place for couples as it was very romantic. They also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner which I found incredible as they had to send the food down on a zip line. We had a candlelit dinner – bruschetta for our starter, burger and chips for our main and a Nutella pizza for dessert. It’s safe to say that was a cheat meal! The food was a bit cold but it wasn’t a surprise given the journey the food took to make it down to us. The sunset was one of the best I’ve ever seen and to share it with my boyfriend in such a beautiful place was very special.

The Bubble Hotel Bali was also very fairly priced. It cost us about £60 for the night which is very good given the fantastic experience we had. For all those Instagram lovers out there – this is the place for you! It was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so glad we went.

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