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My New York Bar Recommendations

New York has some of the world's coolest bars and here are some of my recommendations for your next trip to the Big Apple ⤵️

  1. Mace - since opening in 2015, it has consistently received great praise on both a local and international scale. It is located on West 8th Street and is most-known for its cocktails!

  2. Talea Beer Taproom - opened in March 2021, this brewery has quickly become one of the most popular in NYC! Beer, cocktails, wines and snacks are on the menu!

  3. Katana Kitchen - located in the West Village, this bar was recently named the tenth best in the world (that's quite a title!)

  4. Goldie's - this bar has a 70s decor vibe and is a hotspot in NYC. This bar is located in Brooklyn - a short trip over the Manhattan Bridge.

  5. 67 Orange Street - this bar is located between 112th and 113th street and is fitted out with purple velvet curtains! With an average drink cost of $13, the drinks aren't cheap but they certainly don't disappoint!

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