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How To Save Money In NYC

There's no hiding from the fact that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world! However, it is still possible to travel in New York on a budget. Here's some top tips:

1. Eat locally - if you're looking to go out for dinner, avoid the restaurants in the most popular neighbourhoods and instead find the independent (often family run) restaurants outside the main tourist hotspots.

2. Avoid eating out too much - eating out every day will add up! I'd recommend going to a local supermarket (jacks. is one of the cheaper supermarkets) and buying some food that you can eat for lunches and dinners throughout your stay.

3. Free activities - free walking tours! I'd highly recommend booking onto the free walking tours if you're looking to save money whilst still enjoying New York (a tip will be expected).

4. Discounts - book your day trips with GetYourGuide and download the browser extension Honey to get 10% off your first trip!

5. Take advantage of Happy Hours - as the price of alcohol is very expensive in NYC bars, I'd recommend researching the Happy Hour options.

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