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How To Navigate The Metro System In Paris

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

My sense of direction is awful which usually makes navigating metro systems very difficult for me! However, after some practice (and research), I've compiled some top tips for navigating Paris' metro system.

  • Paris' metro system is a tourist attraction in itself! The first line of the metro opened in 1900 and now has 14 lines. With over 300 stations, the metro system is the best way to explore Paris.

  • Paris' metro lines are 1-14 and the RER lines are A,B and C which run from the centre of Paris to the suburbs and Paris' airports.

  • For most visitors, as long as you're only planning to use the metro, you'll probably be using Zones 1 and 2.

  • The Metro is most likely to be your quickest and easiest way to travel around the city. For longer distances, the RER is your better option.

  • Depending on the line and time of the day, the trains run very frequently (every 2-4 minutes during the day and every 6-12 minutes at night which is after 8:30pm).

  • Trains run most frequently on weekdays during rush hour (7:30-9:30am) and (4:30-8:30pm).

  • On average, it takes approximately 90 seconds per station which is a good way to calculate how long your journey may take.

  • A single ticket costs 1.70 euros and allows unlimited travel and transfer within the Metro for up to 90 minutes.

  • If you're planning to stay in Paris for longer than a couple of days, it's recommended to buy a Carnet or Metro pass.

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